Plant products grown with love

Our Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile laboratory conditions.
This ensures they are free from disease, pests and pathogens.

Question: What are Tissue Culture Plants?

Answer: Tissue Culture refers to the method in which the plant is grown. Plants are selected and grown over many generations to ensure they are disease and pathogen free. The plants are grown in a laboratory and placed into a special nutrient rich ‘jelly’ called Agar. The Agar we use is different for each plant variety, to deliver the best possible start.

Question: Are they like bunch plants? Will they 'melt' once they are placed into an aquarium?

Answer: Most bunch plants sold in the market are modified land plants, which struggle in aquariums over the long term. Al Tissue Culture Plants are true aquatic plants and therefore won’t melt when placed into an aquarium.

Question: Are these plants for tropical tanks only?

Answer:Although they will do well in tropical tanks, please refer to the Temperature preference as some are also suited to cold water.

Question: Will they grow after being planted? How big do they get?

Answer:Yes they will grow, both while in the pot, and after being planted.

Question: Once planted, what kind of fertilisers will they need?

Answer:Like all aquarium plants, they will respond well when placed in a suitable substrate and provided with liquid plant foods or substrate fertiliser, depending on their variety. The addition of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) will also support growth.

Question:Are these plants used for food or for decoration?

Answer: These are ideal decorative plants. Aquascaping has become a popular offshoot of fish keeping and we can provide you with an excellent starting point. Sure, some fish will have a nibble, but our range has been specifically selected to provide consumers with the opportunity to decorate their tanks. Some of our plants are very hard to obtain and are of much interest to hobbyist aquascapers.

Question: Where can I get more information?

Answer: You can always Google or mail us at  aquaforestbiotech@gmail.com