Tissue culture Aqatic Plants ,We have one of the largest collection in India

Tissue Culture Aquarium Plants in India

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Located in rural India, amidst the beautiful valleys of the Sahyadri Mountain Range, we at Aquaforest Biotech strive to provide undoubtedly the best quality Tissue Culture Aquatic Plants. We propogate more than 100 + varieties of aquarium plants and are in continuous process of adding newer varieties for the planted aquarium hobbyist.


Aquatic plants have the most important role in Aquascaping. They not only help sustain life in the planted tank but above all also create a captivating display of lush greens, reds and violets. There are many different types of live aquarium plants with equally different requirements. It is important to make sure you read the product description to ensure that you have chosen the best plants for your aquarium setup. What’s more If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help!

Tissue Culture Lab

Our Small but well equipped Tissue Culture Laboratory, with highly qualified technicians can meet the requirements for contract production of aquatic tissue culture plants in India.

Tissue culture Aquarium Plants

Tissue Culture Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants add vibrancy and life to the aquarium. Our vast collection of Tissue culture aquatic plants cover requests ranging from not only hardy, low maintenance species such as Anubias for beginners but also  to rare and exotic choices of Bucephalandra and other plants for the advanced hobbyist. Keeping aquatic plants in an aquarium tank provides a natural source of water filtration, security for fish and are proven to be an outlet for stress relief while encouraging productivity and a positive mood. Luckily, you’ll never need to remember to water them. Shop Now

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